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    The unique experience of

    In a time where people are torn between keeping their expensive, quality wired audio devices and enjoying a comfortable wireless experience, the E9 Audio Transmitter provides an answer to the dilemma faced by many consumers. The E9 has been built with the user’s freedom in mind, to ensure a seamless audio experience through its easy usage!


    Sound Quality

    Our seasoned engineers have worked thoroughly in crafting the E9 to ensure that the provided wireless audio quality perfectly matches the sound consumers get from a wired experience.

    Audio Fluidity

    There is no interference, signal degradation or audio skips with the E9. Its operational range is of 15 m / 50 ft with up to 12 hours of battery life. A smooth experience awaits!

    Device Compatibility

    Created in close consultation with Bluetooth, the E9 uses the latest high-end wireless technology, bringing a universal quality audio experience to all Bluetooth-capable devices.

    Here’s why E9 is right for you!

    There’s so much under the hood of the E9.
    Tale a look at why it’s not just a practical tool… it’s a way of life.

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      Gold-plated audio jacks

      We’ve spared no expense to give you the best product possible – our gold-plated audio jacks are a guaranteed perfection in audio transmission.

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      Only quality materials

      The plastic molds are top notch quality, designed to be impact & pressure resistant to maintain usability and quality.

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      Robust and built to last

      Unlike other products on the market designed to break, ours is strong & built to last.

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      Large battery life

      Your perfect travel companion! With up to 12 hours of battery life, take the E9 on your next trip for an uninterrupted quality sound experience. Chargeable through a power outlet or a micro USB port.

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      Easy to use

      Our simple design mirrors E9’s intuitive easy to use system. With a setup that takes seconds, switch it on, connect and you’re ready to go!

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      Built with latest technology

      Created in close consultation with Bluetooth’s top technicians and developers, we left nothing to chance. The E9 makes uses of Bluetooth’s latest, high-end wireless technology to bring a universal quality audio experience to all devices.

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      Convenient and portable

      Built to fit in any pocket size, the E9 is small enough to allow room for a wallet & keys. We’ve melded compactness with convenience – use it anywhere, anytime, and it’ll never be a burden.

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      Freedom of range

      “Bluetooth serves to unify, harmonize, and drive innovation in the vast range of connected devices all around us.” – 60m / 200ft

    Customize your E9!

    Customize according to your character! (click/tap to rotate)

    Aluminium Casing

    We have thoughtfully selected the best materials on the market and arranged them in a unique configuration. Our E9 is built to resist a range of typical impacts and pressures to deliver you the best sound quality.

    Robust and built to last

    Aluminum is a strong material.
    It improves the resistance to corrosion and looks awesome!

    Plastic Casing

    Plastic ABS
    (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    has good impact resistance, a low machining cost, high strength and stiffness. ABS can be recycled, however it’s not accepted by all recycling facilities.

    Injection molding

    Honestly, we hope you’ll prefer the aluminium casing because unlike plastic, it’s forever recyclable!

    Wood Cover

    Many products on the market are created with a “planned obsolescence”, meaning it’s only a matter of time before they break and need to be replaced. The E9 is built to last and maintain functionality & quality in delivery over time.

    Quality recycled materials

    The wood cover is a manufactured board made from wood pulp!
    (recycled wood waste)

    Introducing ENIN9’s Founder


    Always on the go, Stephanie has been crafting practical gadgets, experimenting with electrical circuits and building her own guitars ever since she was little. Music has always been an inspiration to her creative projects when shuffling around her workshop. A fan of enjoying sound on vintage devices, Stephanie found that those devices would often interfere with her work considering she needs to move and walk around with as much freedom as possible. Wanting to reconcile both her passions, she began experimenting with wireless transmitters available on the market. Unhappy with the sound quality and fluidity they provided, she set out to build a device which would respond to her wants and needs. Thus, the E9 was born.

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      Bring older devices back to life

      Remember all those vinyl records, 8-track tapes, cassettes and CDs you have collected over the years, stored in a box in your basement? They can now enjoy a second life in combination with the E9 and get you back in touch with music you cherished!

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      Avoid damages to newer expensive devices

      One of the E9’s key features is that it separates the audio receptor from the often expensive transmitter/emitter – such as a smartphone. By keeping them apart, you decrease the risk of costly damages to devices from falls, drops and other accidents.

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      Keep your wired headphones

      Many people are often attached to their headphones (sentimental value, good sound quality). No need to part with them anymore thanks to the E9!